Friday, May 1, 2009

American illustration!

Eeee three posts in one day!
I just wanted to share that two of my illustrations will be appearing in the American illustration tribute gallery! Both pieces will be on display at the OCAD graduate exhibition as well. Below are the two images:

Super excited about this and the show! Hope to see everyone there! :D


  1. totally proud of you deanna! yayya!! i'm so sorry i couldn't make it to the grad show :************(

  2. Hey Deanna,
    I saw your illustrations at the grad exhib. Congrats!!! Look forward to more brilliant artwork on your website!

    Vivian Tam

  3. Hey Deanna

    I also saw your work at the grad exhibition and your really talented! I just finished my second year of illustration at OCAD, so its very inspiring to see such spectacular work coming out of the OCAD illustration programme! Keep up the good work!

    p.s. who was your thesis teacher..

  4. Hi Sasha
    Sorry for the late reply! I had JC for thesis :)